Reach for the arts mission STATEMENT



     It is my greatest wish to nurture and inspire every young heart that crosses my path. 

I use Art as a platform to LIFT children! Never have I met a child in thirty-two years of teaching 

(20 of those in this studio) that wasn't amazing with some type of media! My passion lies in the

PROCESS of discovering each child's language whether it be paint,clay,wire or plaster etc. etc. 

 .....they almost ALWAYS have more than one!

     As it happens, when a child is "lit up" with the JOY of creating, skills and progress are a given 

and beautiful AUTHENTIC ART is a natural side effect! THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE WHOLE that it serves as a REMINDER for each child to remain an intrinsically motivated

LIFELONG CREATOR who understands how IMPORTANT their UNIQUE contribution to the world is !!!!