2019-2020 CURRICULUM

Course Information

     It is that time of year again... time to decide what you will be adding to your very busy family schedules in order to enrich your child’s education.It is such an honor to have so many returning artists... which is why a new theme or perspective is a necessity each year in order to keep all artists engaged and inspired to learn more! What could be more important then inspiration to keep adding your creative

contribution to the world?The challenging part is staying excited about an Art curriculum that revolves around the same principles and elements. We will do this by engaging in a NEW DANCE with the formal and playful sides of creating! 

     The things in our everyday lives will become sources of new wonder! Line for example, could take the form of a coil of clay...scratch on the sidewalk or branch growing from a tree! THIS IS THE YEAR TO LEAD WITH OUR CURIOSITY....as if seeing for the first time! We can explore familiar artists and media from new perspectives. Isn’t it exciting to celebrate the fact that you are unique and have a VAST amount of choices available to you at all times!! THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO EXPLORE!! We will most certainly be reminded of our true nature.....creative powerhouses at our core!!!

     Of course, underneath our larger theme is the consistent opportunity to exercise our basic skills, discuss the master artists, and review Art History. Because every individual has different strengths, we always work through various types of media. Any child’s education will be sure to broaden from this creative adventure!!!

The journey begins on Saturday, August 4 !!!

The class times are as follows: (artists come once a week)

Tuition is $ 130.00 a month and is to be payed before the first of each new month. This includes all supplies needed and guided instruction. To register your child please complete the registration form and come in for a visit. The space is truly reserved once payment is made. Payment can be made by check,cash, cash app or Zelle. (Classes are filled on a first come first served basis)

All members of the Studio will continue to have access to all the finest in supplies and cutting edge instruction! (yes...including The Nest in our loft!) At Reach For The Arts we not only meet National Curriculum Requirements we rise and joyously soar above them!!! Join us in our flight!!!!!